Question :  I would like to purchase supplies. How do I access the Ycellbio™ online store?

Answer :  Only verified health care professionals can shop products and make purchases. Submit your credentials here to get. Already verified? Login 

Question :  Do Ycellbio™ PRP tubes fit my current centrifuge?

Answer :  Ycellbio™ Blood Separation Kits are uniquely designed and best suited for use with the Ycellbio Centrifuge. Providers currently using PureSpin, EmCyte, or PurePRP kits do not require a new centrifuge. Instead, these users can purchase a size small centrifuge adapter kit ($210) to make the current centrifuge compatible with Ycellbio Kits.

Question : Are Ycellbio Blood Separation Kits FDA compliant?

Answer :  Yes. The Ycellbio™ Blood Separation Tube is a medical device registered with U.S. FDA intended to prepare a sample of blood into platelet rich plasma (PRP) and/or platelet poor plasma (PPP). FDA Registration #3010148979

Question : What is the volume of your PRP tube?

Answer : Tube volume = 15 mL

Question :  What kind of platelet recovery should I expect?

Answer :  About 98% (1,500,000 - 2,000,000 / microliter)

Question :  How much volume PRP will a single PRP tube produce?

Answer :  1.5mL - 2mL highly concentrated PRP

Question :  What is the concentration of Ycellbio™ PRP?

Answer :  7 - 9x that of whole blood

Question :  How long will it take to receive my order?

Answer :  3 - 5 business days

Question :  What settings do I use for centrifugation?

Answer :  6-10 minutes at 3,200 ~ 3,800 RPM (1,888 - 2,008 RCF), or just 4 minutes with a Ycellbio Centrifuge.

Question :  How many needles are built into the multi-needle meso gun tip?

Answer :  Five 32G needles for 5 individual points of simultaneous controlled injection.

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