Question : How much are your PRP kits?

Answer :  Only verified health care professionals can view pricing. We require verification to protect your cost of supplies and ensure that only health care professionals have access to our products. Register here for a free account or Login.

Question :  I would like to purchase supplies. How do I access the Ycellbio™ online store?

Answer :  Only verified health care professionals can shop products and make purchases. Submit your credentials to register. Already verified? Login. 

Question :  Do Ycellbio™ PRP tubes fit my current centrifuge?

Answer :  Ycellbio™ Blood Separation Kits are uniquely designed and best suited for use with the Ycellbio Centrifuge. Providers currently using PureSpin, EmCyte, or PurePRP kits do not require a new centrifuge. Instead, these users may purchase a centrifuge adapter kit to make the current centrifuge compatible with Ycellbio Kits.

Question : Are Ycellbio Blood Separation Kits FDA compliant?

Answer :  Yes. The Ycellbio™ Blood Separation Tube is a medical device registered with U.S. FDA intended to prepare a sample of blood into platelet rich plasma (PRP) and/or platelet poor plasma (PPP). FDA Registration #3010148979

Question : What is the volume of your PRP tube?

Answer : Tube volume = 15 mL

Question :  What kind of platelet recovery should I expect?

Answer :  About 98% (1,500,000 - 2,000,000 / microliter)

Question :  How much volume PRP will a single PRP tube produce?

Answer :  1.5mL - 2mL highly concentrated PRP

Question :  What is the concentration of Ycellbio™ PRP?

Answer :  7 - 9x that of whole blood

Question :  When do Ycellbio kits expire?

Answer :  3 years. We also exchange kits at no charge if notified within 60 days of expiration.

Question :  How long will it take to receive my order?

Answer :  3 - 5 business days

Question :  What settings do I use for centrifugation?

Answer :  6-10 minutes at 3,200 ~ 3,800 RPM (1,888 - 2,008 RCF), or just 4 minutes with a Ycellbio Centrifuge.

Question :  How many needles are built into the multi-needle meso gun tip?

Answer :  Five 32G needles for 5 individual points of simultaneous controlled injection.

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