Skin Revitalization

Skin Revitalization

Our next-generation platelet rich plasma (PRP) kit generates a potent anti-aging cosmetic for topical use by medical and skin care professionals. Ycellbio™ Blood Separation kits isolate more platelets than our competitors for preparing highly concentrated PRP, taking you from blood draw to finished product in just 5 minutes!


More Platelets, Better Results!

Ycellbio™ PRP kits provide consistent industry-leading 7-9x platelet concentration for half the cost of other kits.

The unique shape of the “Y-Funnel” multiplies force during centrifugation by exploiting some basic concepts in physics. By positioning the bulk of the blood mass higher up in the tube (or inward during centrifugation) we amplify the amount of pressure that is applied to the blood sample during the spin. This increase in force becomes focused at the slim neck of the tube which rapidly separates the blood into well defined, visible layers of platelets, plasma, and red blood cells. We do this all without use of a gel separator to provide maximum platelet recovery and as a result, more potent platelet rich plasma.

A simple, straightforward process that improves patient satisfaction, comfort, and clinic profitability.


Join Us. Earn Commissions.

Ycellbio’s team of sales associates are rapidly winning the trust of skincare professionals and aestheticians nationwide. If you’re a motivated self-starter, we’d love to have you join our work-from-home network. We’ll set you up with discount referral codes and online trainings to have you earning commissions in less than a week.