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Did you know that on average over 50% of the price you pay for PRP kits goes to company marketing expenses and sales commissions?  Ycellbio™ kits achieve industry leading platelet concentrations at industry leading low price!

Prices are so low... How is this possible? Ycellbio™ not only offers innovative products, but implements innovative business practices as well. We rely on guidance from end users, not business executives, to determine which aspects of PRP matter most in delivering effective and economical platelet rich plasma therapy. We invited seasoned PRP users to interface and collaborate with our product engineers to design a PRP system that is ideal in the clinical setting.

Thanks to feedback and suggestions from customers like you Ycellbio™ products have been meticulously designed to put your needs first. Y-Cell technology was developed to provide clinicians a simple, effective, and easy to use method of preparing of high potency PRP in less time, and for less money. Ycellbio™ customers are able to achieve more platelets for better results at an average savings of over 50% versus other PRP kit options.

Our company culture is entirely centered around user experience.  We embrace this to the fullest by not only offering easy to use products, but 24/7 easy online ordering backed by responsive, expert service. Thanks to a constant stream of referrals from happy customers we have the added advantage of growing our business by word of mouth alone. Referrals play a key role in helping keep costs down and avoiding sizable marketing expenses other companies simply can not avoid. This better approach to business reduces our overhead by eliminating marketing expenses, sales commissions, and the incredibly high costs of event sponsorship. 

More Platelets, Better Results

The Ycellbio™ Blood Separation Tube is meticulously engineered to produce ideal blood layer separation concentrating platelets 7-9x in a single 4 minute spin.  

The patented "Y-Cell" tube design quickly and reliably separates best-in-industry platelet counts (1,500,000-2,000,000 platelets/ul) in a single spin for most patients.  


More Platelets from Less blood

ycellbio Tube Pack

Highly concentrated PRP from only 15 mL of blood. Effortlessly collect ideal quantities of potent PRP from a small volume of blood. 


Office Friendly Centrifuge

Weighing in it at just 9 pounds and requiring just 12 inches of counter space this innovative centrifuge concentrates platelets 7-9x for PRP in a single 5 minute spin.

A Simple Process

Simple, straight forward design for ideal blood layer separation.  Use the level control to move the platelet layer up or down into perfect position for easy, controlled extraction every time. 


Visible Platelet Concentration

Industry leading 7-9x concentration (1,500,000 - 2,000,000 platelets/uL) means platelets become clearly observable making extraction and RBC isolation easier than ever before!