Ycellbio Blood Separation Kit™ quickly isolates more platelets for highly concentrated Platelet Rich Plasma in 5 minutes.



Potent, Fast & affordable PRP

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Experience the advantages of Ycellbio™ with this simple new approach. Our patented Y-Cell technology allows for quick and easy preparation of highly concentrated PRP from only 15 cc of blood.


More Control for consistent results

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platelets you can see!

Only Ycellbio™ offers industry leading 7-9x platelet concentration in just one spin!

Other brands include complicated processes requiring more prep time, longer spins and yield less concentrated PRP with inconsistent results. Prepare higher quality PRP in half the time with our innovative kit and simple process. Ycellbio gives PRP users a sensible option to move away from over-priced kit options by adopting this new approach for achieving better results, and for less money!


Simple Innovative Design

Why Ycellbio? Simple, more platelets in less time for less money!

The unique shape of the "Y-Funnel" multiplies force during centrifugation through simple physics positioning the bulk of the blood mass higher up (or inward during centrifugation) to amplify the pressure force on the blood within the tube. This increased force is then focused at the small neck of the tube for rapid blood layer separation and faster, more defined separation of blood layers without use of a gel separator to provide maximum platelet recovery and more potent PRP. 


Potent Platelet Rich Plasma capturing 1,500,000 - 2,000,000 platelets/uL for potent 7-9x concentration. Industry Leading platelet recovery rates mean more potent PRP!



Basic PRP defined by plasma containing a minimum of 1,000,000 platelets/uL and delivering platelet concentrations that are only 4-5 times greater than that of whole blood.


Simple Process

Collect, fill, spin, extract. It's that easy! Ycellbio™ Tubes & Kits are designed to deliver the highest platelet concentrations in just one spin. This innovative technology provides the industry's quickest and simplest process for preparing high quality PRP.


Ycellbio Centrifuge

A centrifuge is required to make PRP. Centrifuges are available for purchase with a provider account.

Already have a centrifuge? We offer a convenient swap out program. Contact us to submit your centrifuge information and receive a customized quote.


Ycellbio™ Tube Specifications


Tube Volume 

15 cc 

PRP/PPP Volume 

1.5 ~ 2 mL / 5 ~ 6 cc

Platelet Count 

1,500,000 ~ 2,000,000/cc   

Platelet Concentration 

7 - 9x whole blood

Fast & Easy Process 

Draw, fill, one spin, extract

After a single centrifugation the concentrated platelet layer is also referred to as “buffy coat”, which becomes clearly observable. Platelets are then positioned into the slim neck area by twisting the tube to raise the platelets up or down into perfect position at the buffy coat line indicated on the slim neck of the tube.  This allows for a controlled manual extraction completely isolating red blood cells (RBCs) and maintaining industry-leading platelet recovery.