PRP Facial is a term used to describe a revolutionary new process by which platelets are isolated from a small amount of a person’s blood and then applied to their face to revitalize the skin. The key components to this process are Platelets which act as signaling molecules for tissue regeneration, and Plasma which is the ideal all-natural carrier for the precious rejuvenating platelets. Platelet rich plasma facials have become increasingly popular due to their effectiveness in improving the appearance of skin and the cascade of other benefits they provide.



Blood Draw

Step 1: A small sample of blood is drawn (between 15-30mL depending on kit configuration) from the person receiving the treatment.


Blood Collection

Step 2:  Blood is transferred into the Ycellbio™ tube, which by design rapidly concentrates a high amount of platelets rich plasma.



Step 3: The tube is placed in a centrifuge which then spins the sample, separating blood components into visible layers.


PRP Extraction

Step 4: The PRP is extracted from its constituent layer, leaving behind the red blood cell byproduct that is unneeded for the facial revitalization procedure.

Ycellbio™ is the only PRP device to achieve industry leading 7 – 9x platelet concentration while taking you from blood draw to finished cosmetic in under 5 minutes.  Our next-generation kit technology requires less blood and less prep time through a simple, easy to use single-spin process.


Ycellbio™ platelet rich plasma collection technology far exceeds our competitors in client comfort, procedure speed, and overall efficiency.

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